David Catalano

David was born an only child into a multi-cultural Sicilian and Spanish family in Port Chester, NY before moving to Long Island, NY as a young boy. After that, besides dreaming of owning a Porsche in his youth, Dave spent most of his waking hours involved with music.  Being a multi-instrumentalist since his teenage years, he spent a great deal of time gigging with various Long Island club bands as an organist, pianist, synthesist, guitarist, flautist, and alto saxophonist. David has worked with Mariah Carey in her early years, Todd Rundgren, Adrian Belew, and Long Island favorites from Billy Joel’s band such as Russell Javors and Richie Cannata. As an audio engineer, he re-mixed a number of projects for RCA records, and produced a number of independent artists. In 1995, Dave founded the Beach Street Music production library, which by 1997 accounted for 16 percent of ASCAP’s television royalty revenue.  In 2000, Dave brought the majority of his catalog to SESAC garnering numerous awards for his company’s accomplishments in the field of film and television music, and for his achievements as a composer, for both film and television. Throughout his career as a composer, Dave has written themes and scores for QVC, NBC, Al Roker Productions, Kaufman Films, and various other production companies and networks.  In 2003, Dave established the offices and studio for Beach Street Music in Babylon, NY.  Known fondly to his composers and clients as The Clubhouse, the offices and studio are housed in a 3,000 square foot house that once served as a gatehouse to a Gold Coast north shore Long Island estate, which was moved to the south shore in 1949.  The studio boasts SSL consoles, Yamaha grand piano, Hammond B3 organ, and an extensive collection of microphones and guitar amps.  If and when Dave grows up, he plans on opening a restaurant. Until then, he continues to write music, produce songs specifically for use in film and television, compose themes & music packages for television, and hopes to be nominated for a Pulitzer prize for penning this biography.

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